ATV Team

What the team does:
The NCSSAR ATV Team is equipped with five all-terrain vehicles, ranging in size for various environments or search operations. ATV Team members use the power of their machines to quickly contain a search area or locate any missing subjects. They transport gear, medical supplies, and fellow searchers into or out of the field. Their quads also contain winch capabilities to assist in ropes rescues. Often, they are responsible for transporting subjects back to safety during a search. Although the ATV Team maneuvers quickly through a search area, they are on the constant lookout for clues, and are extremely careful to never destroy search evidence, like a tossed soda can or even footprints. ATV Team

What it takes to be on the team:
Members of the ATV Team must be willing to brave steep hillsides, climb logs and wade through bodies of water during a search effort. Most ATV searchers join the team already familiar with operating an all-terrain vehicle. To become certified to ride on a search, new members are required to pass a one-day basic training course, which reviews skills like riding through varied terrain, side-hilling and handling an inoperative vehicle. As ATV Team members build upon their search experience, they can further their knowledge by participating in advanced ATV training.